Editor, Animator, & Interactive Designer.

A full-time Interactive Designer who takes an exclusive interest in designing dynamic websites, as well as a freelance Photographer who values capturing distinguished selected moments in people’s lives by sharing the passion through photographs.

I’ve been working in the field of web design embedding interactive solutions to satisfy clients for more than 5 years, besides being in the field of graphic design for more than 10 years loving every minute I spent doing all these. I like combining my art expertise with a variety of methods, including graphic design, photography, web design, video editing, and many more other skills and applications.

As an innovative graphic designer and a media specialist, I can manage a variety of projects, including research, ideation, conceptualization, and implementation.

Equipped with excellent knowledge to create unique, innovative, creative, and imaginative designs for a wide range of media besides having a deep understanding of the customers’ experience, I have intensive UX Design Experience.

Furthermore, I can manage Utilizing excellent verbal and written communication skills combined with exceptional attention to details to be efficient and effective in a fast-paced working environment.

Simon looks at the world in a different way, which is why he’s such a fantastic visual communicator. An all-around creative with a particular passion for photography and video, his quick thinking, self-reliance, and ‘can-do’ attitude make him an indispensable member in our team.

Within our interactive division, he creates compelling front ends with thoughtful UI/UX development, intuitive navigation, and flawless responsive capabilities. In addition to web design, Simon’s talents include graphic design, photography, video, email marketing, and social media content.

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